Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone! To be honest I just started this blog so I could keep up with others that I am interested in reading, but I figure I can keep you updated on myself in the process! Considering I am mainly involved in horses, the main focus will be my journey through the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program. For those of you who don't know what this is (which is probably most of you!), let me explain.

I was introduced to this program when I moved to my current barn, Dark Horse Equestrian Centre. It focuses on building a relationship and line of communication with your horse using a language they understand. You see, horses are prey animals, and we humans are predators, so innately we don't speak on the same terms. As humans, we want to treat a horse the same way we would want to treat a dog, a fellow predator. This involves reward and doesn't work for a horse!!! Horses are interested in safety. They need a leader in the relationship, which is where many people fail with their horse. Parelli is all about teaching the human, not the horse, which is what sets it apart from most other programs. It has 10 levels...levels 1-3 are homestudy, and beyond that involves being in the Professionals program. Parelli is a program that will change your life in many more areas than just horsemanship, and that is why I love it! More informations at

Ok so now you at least somewhat understand the program I am involved in. So, I guess now I should introduce you to my baby girl and how I got her! I have wanted a horse for as long as I can remember, but the terms were just never right until the summer of 2006. The amazing barn owners, Bekah and Tony, helped we work with my parents and finally I got the approval to get my horse (well actually I just started looking and my parents kind of accepted that I was on a mission). I looked at a few other horses first and they were nice, but nothing ever "clicked." Tony found Callie as they were going to look at a stud for one of their mares. He immediately texted me, but being the good girl I am, I don't check my texts as school (well I didn't then hehe). I called him afterschool and he explained her to me. The description was my dream horse...until he got to the never been ridden part. I had always wanted a Paint, and here was one that was affordable and gorgeous. But I wasn't really sure if I was ready to start my own horse. I went to see her with Bekah and Tony one day, and as I soon as I set my eyes on her I knew she was the horse I wanted. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few hours messing around with her, seeing what she would tolerate and whatnot. She had a really sweet nature and Bekah told me she didn't think it would be too hard to start her. After that day, I set it up to go ahead and purchase her from Teresa. So on June 12, 2006 we finally got to pick her up and bring her to Dark Horse. My friends wondered how I wasn't jumping off the wall, but truthfully I was so excited I just didn't know what to do with myself! It was amazing getting her off the trailer at DH and knowing that she was mine. I didn't have to share her, and I could progress her training in anyway I liked.

Well, she wasn't as easy to start as everyone thought. We found out she really loved to buck, which is not fun! But I stuck with her through thick and thin, and now I have a horse who loves to play and be ridden. We are now in our Level 2. We are about to start Level 3 with the groundwork! That is a HUGE milestone for me! She is my reminder that God loves me...everytime I see her I am reminded of Him.

Here are a couple of pictures from the early days. :) I will try to post some of her very first ride, and her very first day at Dark Horse soon.

And a couple of her now...

Those of you who know me know that I am pretty don't think I will only posting about Callie! I am aiming to keep you guys updated on everything! :D

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