Thursday, May 15, 2008


So tonight I met the MOST amazing person. Her name is Sarah Weber, and she works at Crossroads Community Church. She is also the wife of my former student teacher in Calculus, which is how we became acquainted. We emailed for a couple days, then texted, and then tonight we finally got the opportunity to meet each other! We met at Lava Java, and they played the August Rush soundtrack which is one of my all time faves!!! Sarah did most of the talking, which is totally fine with me, and boy did she have some great stuff to say! I was pretty much sitting in awe the whole time at how every single word related so much to what I was going through or had gone through in the past. She told me about how she had asked God for someone in which to make an investment, and I had been severely needing someone to fill the role that she is now playing for so long! Amazing how God fits the puzzle pieces together just right... :) Seriously I am at such a loss for words that I really can't write anymore, even though there is so much more to be said. Thanks so much Sarah!!!

Now if you all will excuse me...I believe I have a list to start... :)

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