Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bittersweet Day

Wow posting two times in one day! Don't you guys feel special! For those of you who don't know, I am in Kentucky this weekend because my mother decided she wanted to come see her boyfriend for Mother's Day (yeah makes me feel so great...). So I figured I would make the best of it and get out of the house for awhile today. I went to see my cousin Ethan play baseball. They lost, but it was still fun. I got to spend some time with his older brother, Michael, who has basically become like a big bro to me too. My aunt and uncle were there, along with my cousin Amy. After the game, I went with Amy and I few other people to get fitted for the Bridesmaid dress for Amy's wedding. It was so gorgeous and getting to actually put it on just makes me so much more excited for the wedding!!!! We also went to eat at Fazolis. I always have to go there when I'm in KY since Greenville got rid of all their Fazolis. We met back up with Ethan and a few other people to go see Ironman, which was amazing!!! I really want to go see it again! Not to mention I just loved hanging out with my cousins in general. We love to pick on each other, especially little 5'2" me and my 6'4" cousin!

There is something so different about the feeling of KY compared to my Greenville home. Maybe it is just because I am surrounded by family, but I love it here. Not like a "I want to live here forever" feeling, but just a great place to get away feeling. It is just so relaxing to come here and spend time with those I love.

But I also realized it is still very hard for me to be up here. I still feel like I should be going to the radio station to hang out with Austin. As we drive around I remember Austin and I hanging out there or talking about something stupid that related to those places. But tonight I did something very different than I would normally do. Usually I just try to block it out. Tonight though, I talked to God about it. I turned it over to Him and asked Him for healing. I thought I had gotten over all that mess, but being up here made me realize I'm really not. I also realized I can't do this on my I have done in many other areas of my life in the last week. It really amazes me how coming into the right connections can completely change the way I view God and my relationship with Him. Thank you Hal and Sarah!

So while we are on the topic of them, I figure I'll post my most recent piece of artwork. It is the first colored pencil piece that I have ever done, and I am so proud of it...and so happy that I got to give it to two amazing people! I hope they enjoy it!!!

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