Friday, July 4, 2008

Family Time, Family Troubles, and Callie's Feet

Hey everyone. For the 4th I got the chance to come see some of m family in Kentucky. We had a cookout (well cook in really) and I got to spend time with a lot of family who I don't see much. I got to see my new baby cousin, Nathan, and he is the most adorable thing! We had lots of fun and I reall enjoyed the opportunity to see all these great, crazy people that I am related to. I love them all.

A few members of our family, however, are having some hardships right now. I will not state them as I feel there is a line to be drawn in what I share, but if you could just keep us in your thoughts and prayers that would be great.
Now, on to the Callie! We had her feet trimmed last week, and after reading Pete Ramey's book, I can finally see all the great things my trimmer is doing to help her out! I must say, I absolutely love the lady that does Callie's feet. She drives 2+ hours ONE WAY just to do my horse, and she never rushes. This trip, since I was there, she spent at least 2 hours at the farm. She was so patient with my girl. There was another family out and she was explaining everything she did to the husband (who trims his barefoot horses but still has horses in keg shoes). She was telling him all the benefits of barefoot, and how she trimmed Callie's foot to help Callie out the most. I realized for the first time just how knowledgable she is! Let's just say she has done her fair share of learning, and is still continuing to study all the time. We are trying to figure out Callie's tendency to land toes first, despite having a short toe and smooth breakover. After watching her walk and studying her foot, her best guess was that Callie just hadnt built up the strength in the back of her hoof to land heel first and was "protecting herself" by landing toe first. Her recommendation was to ride in boots until the next trim to help her build up the insid eof her hoof. I immediately hesitated when I heard the prices (190 for a pair!), but figured if that is what was best for my horse, then that is what I do and I would find the money somehow. Cori saw my hesitation and told me she didn't want to psh me anything, but I told her if that's what she thought was best then that is what we would do. She spent a good half hour or more fitting her for them and making sure I knew all about putting them on and off. After that we talked a bit about next trim date and all the necessary, and she left me with a price so I could mail her the money for the boots. I went about my day, played with the boots some, playd with Callie to get her used to them. A few hours later I got a phone call...from Cori. I thought maybe she left something at the farm, but turns out she was calling to give me great news! She had thought about it over the course of the day, and had decided to loan the boots to me for FREE! She didn't see Callie needed them for more than a month or two and didn't want me to pay all that money just for that amount of time. Talk about generous! I think my jaw dropped all the way to the ground when she told me this! I am so so thankful for her...she is making great changes in my horse's feet and is also helping me help Callie in everyway she can. Thanks Cori!!!

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