Monday, July 7, 2008

Boots: Day 1

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Well, today was Callie's first real day having her new boots on (many many thanks to Cori for loaning them out to me!!!). After putting her boots on, we went out in the back pasture to play with a friend. She must be feeling really good in them because she was extremely extroverted! She jumped back and forth from right brain to left brain pretty quickly, but I really saw some great play come out in her. The car wash has once again become a horse eating monster (due to my failure to go out there and play with it often), and there were also some horse eating poles and barrels that had been placed out there since the last time we worked in the back. I have discovered my horse has an amazing love for milk jugs with rocks in them. They were tied to a barrel, and I honestly thought my horse would be out of there when she found out they made noise, but she had so much fun with it! She started with just a slight investigation, then progressed to full on nose pushing, and was finally trying to tip the entire barrel...oh how i love my LB extrovert. We did manage sideways over a cavaletti for the first time...something about the pole not being on the ground really gets to her! We also happily jumped a ditch we are usually terrified of, and were just a little too happy to canter in the field! Callie decided tire jumps were just no fun..passed it and threw her heels up at it! I know she isn't scared of the thing...little bit of mischief shining through I suppose. :)

Got to explain the boots numerous times today...I get better at it every time! Tomorrow will be the first time riding her with them...will let you know how that goes!

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Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Hey girlie, girl!! I didn't know you had a blog, but I am glad you found me. Maybe by reading yours I can learn something about horses. Do you check in with me often? I have a post this week about the girls and riding a horse at Brian's mom's house. You will approve :)